Why I became a Supervisor

Before to start, you should know that I don’t do anything if I don’t feel it from my heart…

It isn’t ever an easy way to live, really…

My choice to become a supervisor was made from the heart!

Some years ago, I was feeling the need to grow as a counsellor, but I was confused and didn’t know what I should do. Imagine me mumbling about which next step I can choose …

I was struggling trying to perceive the deep sensation that was inside me at that time. It looked like an urgency, or a strong desire but it wasn’t defined.

I listened deeply to myself, in an attempt to hear where that sensation could drive me, but the feeling was like groping around in the dark.

My passion was still within me, my love to learn and to offer my best practice to my clients didn’t abandon me or my daily work, so what did it happen to my self-esteem that drove me to get uncomfortable?

I asked my supervisor for a further session, since I esteem her very much, my need to understand found a space where it can be heard and welcomed.

A great session with my supervisor clarified my mental fog and confusion regarding the professional track.

After some short reflection and choosing to start the course I immediately felt that I found what I was looking for, even I had been unconscious:

To become a supervisor

 It is the only way that makes us grow as a practitioner: the conversation with a colleague who helps us to go deeper into what happens in our counselling room.

Because I am a supervisor and also a supervisee, I trust my supervision sessions.

I feel confident that anything occurring in my professional setting will be analyzed and I am not alone.

A conversation about the best and ethical practice for a client who should benefit from our inner asset and good professional support which contributes to growth and development.

  • For myself: because your development makes me understand different perspectives about clients or colleagues, your doubts, your perplexities challenge my approaches as much as yours, therefore opening up new avenues to my thinking, and yours hopefully!
  • Because my real passion is to grow: The process of supervision enables us to share our needs, to understand clients and other practitioners.

In an instant, within our time together, in collaboration and looking at a situation from our client’s shoes. We try to walk in their lives.

We both are touched in this journey of discovery. For the client. For ourselves as human beings and counsellors.

Supervisee's needs for supervisione

This is “Why” I became a Supervisor.

This leads me to my next question…

Why did you choose counselling, why will you choose me as your supervisor?

Get in touch today!

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