What led me to become a counsellor? My personal journey

It was due to Love, indeed, to a relationship.

I was a young woman, 25 years old, and due to some written letters, I fell in love with a man, 22 years older than me, who was a therapist.

So, my moving to his Italian Region was almost immediate.

Our start was so romantic, candle on the table, kisses, restaurants and happiness.

It took around a year before to begin our rough time: he became jealous of a past abusive partner of mine.

Then, a heavy time with tears, shouts and sadness took us by hands.

One day, his famous “Maestro”, an old psychoanalyst (who had met Freud himself!) called him and asked to talk with me.

I felt so judged, unheard, and unseen that my courage to reply him took place within me.

Then, after a rough and doubtful time, I decided to come back home.

I don’t really know where my strength came from, but it came and I was my parents home again, starting a new life, with a new consciousness about myself and my real matters in relationships.

As a consequence, my first psychotherapy started, a new story begun, a new life was being carved.

It was the best thing I could ever have done in my life.

This is my Why: I want to share with you the benefit to work with your strength for enhancing your capacity to live the life you want.

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