Relationship Counselling

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I help people to build their strength to face difficult relationships, so they can have a happier and satisfying relational and family life.

Relationships often make you feel powerless, sad, tired because they don’t give you what you expected or deserved.

You might be dealing with a very jealous partner, and this makes you doubt yourself.

You can’t understand if their (bad) behaviour is justified – or even your fault! – or if their reactions are is exaggerated and there is an aggressive attempt to control you.

You now are exhausted by your ex-partner’s behaviour, which is affecting your relationship with your children, because of their continuous changes in your scheduled days, weekend and holidays.

They text you many times a day, with silly questions you already answered and you also are worried about the influence to your kids from all of that. You now have some heavy days in disciplining your children.

I help my clients to have a better relationship with themselves, to teach and raise their children in the best way possible, and to have a good family life.

Working with me means that you gain clarity and are able to be more assertive setting up positive boundaries.

My clients improve their self-esteem and go away with practical strategies for managing their children and other relationships.

They feel more confident and clear about what they want and have better relationships.

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