A letter just for you…

I’d like to let you know of my reasons for offering this space to you for your questions.

Why do I think of you?

It is a good question.

I think of you because once upon a time I was also a teen and I haven’t forgotten my adolescent self.

Back then, I felt all alone because it seemed that there wasn’t anybody who could understand my feelings.

I felt afraid about growing up and there wasn’t anybody to tell my fears to.

For many years, I thought my body was my enemy, I saw it as a monster, I felt ugly and was ashamed to show it.

Now, when I look into your eyes I think of my sadness and sometimes my feelings of desperation and sense of being alone.

Growing up is a huge task, many things to understand, your body changing, your sexuality is a mystery, sometimes your friends are far away from you or you are far away from them.

Or, you might not have many good friends, it happens when we are growing up, there are some moments when solitude is a refuge from the outside world, but it is also a bit scary, isn’t it?

Adolescence is the time of big opposites: one moment you can feel very powerful, and the next you can feel a bit s…t!

It’s a hard and confusing time.

You are looking forward to growing meanwhile you are very worried about it.

You want to explore your sexuality, and in the meantime you are very scared about how to do it, how you do feel, people you are attracted to and people you attract.

Now, I am years ahead in  life and the importance of children and young people is much clearer to my eyes and heart.

For this reason, I as a professional counsellor would like to offer a space free charge for you to share in confidence any worries you may have.

What do I offer you?

I offer a space, a secure one, where, even anonymously, you can write a question, any question that is crucial for you.

Once a week, on Thursday, I will reply, mentioning the question, not the writer, even if they signed their name.

I aim to show you your beauty, your talents, your unique way to be in this world.

Adolescence is the most creative time in our life, the most magic period we can experience.

My passion is to show you how powerful you are and to empower you further even you may start from a rough place you can choose to be yourself.

Maybe this space is for my old adolescent self who would have liked to have had an adult to confide in, an adult who would have heard my confusion and taught me how to trust myself and to follow my gut.

Now it’s time to say Bye, but I look forward to reading your questions!

Meanwhile, take care, because you matter!

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