A letter to my client…

I can see you:

you are surfing the web, looking for anything that can clarify the feelings you are experiencing now or have done so for a while. You are seeking to define them: grief, sadness, frustration, depression, anxiety…

Maybe you feel daily tiredness that your GP can’t understand?

Perhaps you feel an odd sensation that you can’t quite put your finger on, but you know the sense of unsatisfaction you feel is becoming worse day by day or year after year?

So, you are looking at your screen and thinking I can’t continue in this misery.

Then, you look for counsellors, but they are so many that you immediately get lost and feel confused!

Perhaps you ponder the chance to check if there were some counsellors near your town, therefore you can arrange the first appointment to see if counselling would be good for you.

As an afterthought, you start to be worried about what people around you think of you regarding the counselling …and a feeling of shame is sprouting up.

You are still watching your screen, hoping the solution of your feelings could jump out from it giving you a sense of relief.

How could you tell your beloved or colleagues about your need for counselling?

Struggling with these thoughts, feeling “crazy” in an attempt to find out a way to find your inner peace and calm you discover that there is also online counselling available, so your curiosity increases.

Lots of conflicting thought’s swirling around you head;

  • What should you check out with a counsellor?
  • Where could you look for a professional one?
  • What about confidentiality and safeguarding?

They all are fundamental questions to check before embarking on any counselling journey.

Since you are here, now, you can check how I work, how I protect your security  online, then my qualifications and my experience, but first please, check what you feel reading my letter and then, you can quietly choose the best counsellor for you!

I hope to meet you soon for an initial 45minute free charge meeting that enables us to understand if we can positively work online together!

Meanwhile, take care of yourself because You matter!

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