Counselling according to Dalila

Today I introduce you to counselling.

You may already know what it is, but you don’t know what counselling is for me 😉

Practically: I offer meetings, f2f and online, either for individuals, for couple and I can work with groups as well.

I help people to find out what they are looking for in their life, not the real thing they are, but what they are really looking for that makes them feel much more satisfied, comfortable and meaningful in their life.

Like all of us, there are times in our life where we struggle to understand what to do, where to go when doing or not do a choice, or with whom we should have a love story, and how to do what really means for us, at that time, asking for a professional help is the best step to undertake for ourselves.

What does counselling have that makes me so passionate about it?

All 🙂

Education: it is necessary to have for staying in this role, and taking people to where they need to go through respect towards what they already have within them but at this time they feel to have lost.

I find so much beauty in people that it makes me touched every time, in fact, I also define myself as an Archeologist of Beauty and an Architect of Endless inner reality.

Consciousness: to be two people, it’s the person which drives me to themselves because I don’t know much more than them about themselves, they are the experts of themselves. I make available my expertise for offering it to them, and I learn from them.

Self-awareness: I am here with the whole myself and I need to set clear boundaries out for better comprehending the You. This is the reason because of my own personal psychotherapy first. It was my dream that has been started when I was 24 years old.

Summarizing,  my practice is about relationships: we were born from a relation, we live, fight suffer have joy and pleasure tears from our relationships, don’t we?

Working on relationships also is my personal small contribute to make the world a better place where to live: because helping women to have better relationships means they can grow their children up in a much more positive manner.

Helping women is helping a whole society to become less aggressive, less violent and much more respectful.

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”
– Carl Jung

Pubblicato da Dalila Bellometti

I am a counsellor and a supervisor, working online via emails, webcam and I.M. chats. I am passionate to help you to have better relationships in your life. I help counsellors to give their best practice to their clients and to feel comfortable in their work. Sono una counsellor e un supervisore di counsellors, lavoro sia in studio che online, utilizando emails, webcam e piattaforme per messaggi istantanei. La mia passione è aiutare le persone ad instaurare relazioni positive nella loro vita. Collaboro con i counsellors per far sì che possano lavorare al meglio delle loro capacità umane e professionali e li supporto nel loro lavoro.


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