#WorldEmojiDay: reflections

Today is the #WorldEmojiDay, so I want to share with you some thoughts of Emojis and images used on/offline.

Since archaeologists discovered the first drawings carved on old rocks, they showed the attempt to communicate with our first ancestor. Long before we started using written language, images have been our unique way to communicate and to tell tales to others. Human beings always felt the necessity to narrate the daily facts from when they had a new standing posture.

 Have you already watched some of those ancient images? They are very elementary and it is hard sometimes to catch the lines, however, we can feel, watching them, a desire, a necessity to communicate, to narrate, as if they had an inner soul to bring to light.

It is a special feeling walking in a wood, along with a detailed track, and suddenly find some enormous stones plenty of these signs. We can perceive a sensation as if there was a continuous thread under them and us …

That thread is represented by images.

According to me, it concerns the vision: our eyes are the tool that allows us to connect with the outside world, hence they are the first way to interrelate with others. It seems like that through the view we are able to give a shape to what we are watching and to chase the borders of it. Our ancestors, before they could express themselves through a commonly spoken language, communicated through images that show us their seeing to the world.

Now, jumping thousands of years towards, we are able to connect to our forefathers only looking at their drawings on boulders. Or, they have been able to make us connect to them, by those sketches.

Indeed the EMDR therapy seems to assume that our eyes’ movements hold back inside ourselves, or better in our memory through those movements, some traumatic events as if our memory can’t run away from them, which are continuously duplicated by those. Even, the theory of Gestalt assumes that a shape is fundamental for having a synthesis vision of certain behaviour because its significance is on the whole shape and not just into the specific meaning. 

So far, “The gestalt effect is the capability of our brain to generate whole forms, particularly with respect to the visual recognition of global figures instead of just collections of simpler and unrelated elements (points, lines, curves…)”. (Wikipedia)

The two approaches start from the vision as a focal way of trying to understand life and then to create an own personal meaning from occurred events or from which we can represent our lives.

If we take for granted that seeing and vision are the first approaches to the world, as a consequence since we always are connected to the web, we are used to representing our emotional moods by an emoticon, the emoji. An emoji is an image of our feelings in a quick manner: it is drawn in a circle, usually a yellow one, showing us smiles, tears, anger, and a lot of emotions. It is a shorter way to reply a person or to comment on a video, an article.

Why we use emojis and don’t comment? Isn’t it an intriguing question for ourselves?

In my opinion, there could be time reasons, or just we don’t have words for commenting, but we want to show our reaction too. Are you used to put emojis in your web reactions?

I am used, it mainly depends on the time I have and on the impact I want my reaction will have towards what has been shared: sometimes an emoji is more powerful than a long article. Of course, it doesn’t express some deep reflections and nuances, but if I want an immediate reply that can show well my feelings, that is an emoji.

There is another important issue related to the use of emojis and it is due to our professional role: I am an online counsellor and an online supervisor, do I use emoji in my work and when if I use those?

What do you think of the use of emojis?

Usually, I use emoji in a very careful way with my clients and/or supervisees. It depends on who I am working with, it isn’t the right manner to get into a relationship with everyone and also it depends on the moment we are speaking/writing. An emoji isn’t the right reaction to a deep disclosure that can have been a hard one for the person or in front of a heavy matter for a supervisee.

Another matter to pay attention to is culture: are we both or a group from the same culture? Not all cultures have the same feeling of expression, we should be respectful and aware of that before to use an emoji.

I can say that the use of emojis is likely a box that has been sent through a Post Office and where there is written: Handle with care.

Pubblicato da Dalila Bellometti

I am a counsellor and a supervisor, working online via emails, webcam and I.M. chats. I am passionate to help you to have better relationships in your life. I help counsellors to give their best practice to their clients and to feel comfortable in their work. Sono una counsellor e un supervisore di counsellors, lavoro sia in studio che online, utilizando emails, webcam e piattaforme per messaggi istantanei. La mia passione è aiutare le persone ad instaurare relazioni positive nella loro vita. Collaboro con i counsellors per far sì che possano lavorare al meglio delle loro capacità umane e professionali e li supporto nel loro lavoro.


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