What’s there under the Blockchain?

Can Blockchain bolster global trade?

How a business concept becomes a human one.

Last week I received a Linkedin email with this challenge:

could I write a post about this topic?

Stated that my passion-work is about another subject,

I decided to give a try to that because of my love for challenges!

Thanks a lot to the Linkedin team for this challenge!

I admit I needed to gather information, but it is part of the journey! I only knew the word and have a foggy idea of what blockchain could be. The more I got in touch with the argument the more I got triggered. I could hear my brain working a lot. Here there is what I did think about blockchain and global trade. But of course, this is only my point of view, I’m not an expert: it is an opinion from a person who lives in this world and doesn’t agree with the concept of Economy has been managed and its impacts on societies as a consequence of that.

The blockchain is a word that shows its meaning: it is a chain structured by some blocks likewise my childhood math concept of a set or a honeycomb. There is some set/block which contains many economic transactions. The simple concept under this approach regards some fundamental principles:

– the blockchain is a secure space, but the last occurring about Bitcoin showed that it’s much more an idea than a real context;

– it is democratic because it’s based on the acceptance of the whole of participants and the same level of power in the blockchain; ( mumble mumble)

– it is unalterable because it is built for the best secure connection and data integrity.  However, in Italy, we would say: Once a law is done the trick is discovered! – it is transparent because all participants could see everything from everywhere at any time. True?

All of that means that blockchain is based on Trust: blockchain is about trust of every participant between all of them. Now, we can return to my field, trust isn’t a business attribute, it is about human beings which are surely involved in the business. The feeling that expresses Trust belongs to the relationship. It is one of the first, maybe the first feeling we perceive in our life towards our caregiver, whatever they could be. A baby needs to trust because of the intrinsical nature of human beings shared with animals as well.

If I understand correctly, blockchain could improve the global trade thanks to its principles. Indeed the chain allows each trader to freely connect and exchange in the boundaries of the blockchain wherever they are based.

From somebody, it is called the Internat 4.0 because of the reasons I above mentioned, in a very short way.  I summarized firstly you can see that I studied 😉 and because of that represents an introduction to my approach.

I was speaking of my brain working hard: I related the blockchain concept to the cooperative way of working in Italy that has been settled many years ago as a much more equal and socially balanced way to work between people, regarding the blockchain equality rule. Or I thought of the tendency in global trade regarding some poorer zones of World, the Fair Trade for enhancing small cooperatives of workers in the Southern. That way is linked to the significance that it is said blockchain has: it is equal because of the same level of agreement that participants have in their ones. Equality isn’t a business concept: it regards a value, a principle which involves respect towards all human beings, Newly, it is related to the relationship between people and the value or concept of social justice that isn’t in the definition of economy utilized in our World.

Back to the headline question: how it can improve global trade?

It can surely improve global trade, as well as learning and the democratic social life, about the election because of the immense power of technology. Technology does the job to connect and blockchain is the main bigger connection between demand and offer. But we can’t avoid the real fact that under everything there are human beings who are subjected to have feelings and emotions and they last yes run the world even there aren’t recognized.

Below I list some human feelings and considerations under a hypothetical good use of blockchain in a global trade:

– for shipping, we should think of: healthy ship in secure containers. Previously we have to think of growings about a way to cultivate ground in order to make some lands poorer for answering to costumers’ demand. Thinking of avocados trade and its needs to water that is making the surrounding lands poorer on water. Not last how many kilometres a product/food should do to reach the town for shipping? There are many reflections about shipping and its goodness for farmers and workers and land in that specific zone of a Country.

– it does mean that all rural zones around the world should be provided by an internet connection, is it the best thing to do? Or do we let those outside the blockchain for focusing on lands where there already is an internet connection?

– we are human beings and until now the major part of our planet lives in poverty because of the mentioned concept of Economy. Which is defined as the only one possible, but that’s a mystification: it is the one possible according to an economy based on manipulation and exploitation. Could this be changed whereby few people want to stay in their worthiness being absolutely indifferent to the survival conditions of millions of people? In Italian: la vedo dura! I see it very hard! It belongs to human feelings and relationships as well.

– do hackers not enjoy to force that? If I were one of them and love hacking I will do, see above my Italian quote…Not just hackers of course, see the next point.

– the level of power in the blockchain: theoretically all participants have the same power but the real one belongs to who maintain the blockchain active: as usual about politicians. If we people should work for choice and for the chance, we have not the time to do other else, that is our politicians’ responsibility or the blockchain worker, who are human beings submitted to feelings and emotions which are easily manipulable as history teaches us.

– Globalization is an instrument, how we are using that succumbs to this approach to Economy: few people, organisations, want to earn tons of money meanwhile the largest part of world populations suffers from indigence and the other one is subject to a too much consumeristic life. It looks like we all will become similar instead of respecting and underlining differences and diversity which truly are our richness.

If we were speaking of a small blockchain there could be trust between participants, but when a blockchain becomes global, as human beings we have, by now, the need to have power, to enriching more and more and so on. It means that blockchain could be positive if it stays in a certain range, if not it is submitted to all that I just said.

Granted all that above: blockchain could be a great tool if it used according to empathy and human beings’ love, if not it will be a copy of what we had until now.

The blockchain is another tool: how we do use is submitted to what we want to achieve…

The last: this is because blockchain moves from a business concept to a human real approach!


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