What did cucumbers and tomatoes teach me?

After a heavy storm, cucumbers and tomatoes taught me a great Life lesson…

This year I was so proud of my botanical garden, it was growing up well and vegetables are now colourful and brightening on there.

Could you image those plants so green and plenty of life from their fruits?

It was so until a storm destroyed almost any plants which were on its way: the tomato plants were gravy of fruits and cucumbers as well, likewise the courgette ones with their sparkling green.

It was a heavy storm, do you know those storms that happen after hot days, plenty of power? That was one of those. Hailstones were big like a quail’s egg and the wind was so strong that got until our entrance door under the porch. I watched the storm from the window, the sky was dull grey, wind and rain everywhere and its length was longer than before.

While I was watching and a bit admiring its impetus, I was very very afraid for my plants, some of those were delicate and younger to resist to a storm like that. Inside me, I tried to give them the chance to hang on.

It happened towards the evening, so I wasn’t able to check them when the storm sounded like coming to its end.

The morning after I woke up earlier and went to the garden for checking the disaster, my heart wanted to cry: the plants were almost destroyed, the leaves were all full of holes, and instead of being high and standing out against the sky, they all lied on the ground, as if they were exhausted after that effort.

It is a little garden, it only needs a few walks for getting around and seeing that all the little drainers I dug around the plants were at the same level of terrain.

My eyes were sad watching all that disruption I could just walk around being sorry for that and incredulous as if I was only able to watch and feeling unwell, anything else.

That feeling sounded like was a long last one: even if it was due to a garden, it didn’t want to go away from me, do you know this sensation?

It took some days as if I needed to give myself the time to understand that all was destroyed, and also because the ground was so wet that it was impossible working on there.

Watching my garden I felt as if it would be abandoned, so I walked into that and starting to notice that a very small cucumber was starting to grow, a new smallest leave was on the plant and new green smallest courgettes became to get a watch outside and brightened in the middle of that disruption.

I started wondering: while I was crying on myself for all the work has been thrown out of the window, literally, vegetables were working and re-birthing …likewise they would tell me: Up, don’t stop yourself for a storm, even a heavy one, that’s all life, now go on, hurry up.

But, where from could I start? Mumbling, mumbling I watched out and wonder to start from the begin: I have to clean the terrain firstly and then sustain the plants that have been damaged, put to the bin all leaves and vegetables destroyed and so on.

All that cleaning took some days and some trash cans to be moved to the right place. I was only able to clean and to re-dig the little canals, to cut all branches that were useless to the plants and recover all that as much as possible.

Under the destroyed leaves I found other new courgettes, tomatoes started to move to a red colour even with some brown wound due to the hailstones.

What did they teach me?

They taught me Life, anything else; this is my list of points I needed to go through in that lesson:

Life is made by storms: there is no Life without them, efforting but real. So, you should count that in your project for life and don’t feel disarmed when it arrives.

The storm could be everything in a human life: a death, an abandon, an injustice, a divorce, a sickness. Or more, a loved person who abuses of us, a maltreatment, a violence or a sexual assault, unfortunately, we live in a world that’s not kind even if there are many warm and kind people.

Feelings after a storm need time to be heard and space for being accepted: after a storm, and everything could represent a storm for a person, we feel powerless, sad, confused without knowing if it has value to go on, sometimes it sounds like it doesn’t. It looks like we can just walk around and cry.

Little signs that wait for our seeing for being watched: there is Life where we didn’t expect, pay attention, don’t see only your feeling. It’s true, it is heavy, but there is a world outside, try to look around you, you will be able to detect some little signs that Life is still within you and somebody cares of you.

Start with simple actions, likewise cleaning your environment: cleaning is often the first start if we want to achieve something, did you notice that? If you are in a confusing time in your life, what do you do? Usually, you start by keeping clear, that is the same as cleaning. You should split what you need from what you don’t need, what could be useful or useless in order to reach your aim, for example, your serenity.

Nurturing what it is good for that time and letting go of what is already ended or meaningless. Once you painfully has given a start, you will observe that something needs to be held: you should nurture that part, the positive and good one for you, meanwhile you are allowing the useless part of your life go away. It may be because already ended and you didn’t want to accept that or because you moved to a new step in your life.

A storm is a big change, after that, sometimes it seems as if our life hasn’t a sense. Give time to yourself for feeling what a storm makes you feel, be angry, cry, shout off the rooftops, by doing that you accept those feelings, you shouldn’t neglect them because of they are there, they won’t go away only due to your negation.

Once you allowed yourself to be sad down and grey in your eyes, walking effortful day by day, you are going to learn that you are also able to be sad, confused, heavy to hold by yourself, our Life is not only about happiness and satisfaction. As you did for your heavy feelings, you give space to yourself for acknowledging that Life shows us its unpleasant part. Your pet could make you smile or a friend’s joke, a sunset, a song in your radio car. All of that is able to draw a smile in your face instead of you. We people are always affectionate to our feelings whatever they were. Nurture your smile and allow your down mood to go away, cut down everything that doesn’t make you smile, it is useless at that time.

Step by step a little tiny gem will start to born in your feeling and you will be able to count your new recovering, wound as a new scar in the path of your learning of Life.

Pubblicato da Dalila Bellometti

I am a counsellor and a supervisor, working online via emails, webcam and I.M. chats. I am passionate to help you to have better relationships in your life. I help counsellors to give their best practice to their clients and to feel comfortable in their work. Sono una counsellor e un supervisore di counsellors, lavoro sia in studio che online, utilizando emails, webcam e piattaforme per messaggi istantanei. La mia passione è aiutare le persone ad instaurare relazioni positive nella loro vita. Collaboro con i counsellors per far sì che possano lavorare al meglio delle loro capacità umane e professionali e li supporto nel loro lavoro.


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