What do Carnival, Social Media, Counselling and Supervision share?

The aim of this article is that you feel reassured that there is a good place where you can give voice to those parts.

Researches and ancient wisdom established that we could have many manners to express ourselves within us; people who aren’t worried about their different parts can enjoy living one or the other part in different contexts.

As a consequence of this need to experiencing different parts of self, we create another place, an inner one or an external too, for example by writing and reading, or painting and so on.

The first Virtual reality could be the ancient tradition of wearing masks and costumes.

Now, in Italy, there is the traditional period of Carnival, do you like it?

 When I was a child, Carnival was like a village feast, because mainly the two last days of this period,  we all children in groups, adults too, went around the village knocking homes. Almost all families offered us, sweets, frittelle and sometimes, some farmers, grappa. (!)

The main enjoyment was to be able to not be recognized under the mask. We started some previous months before to think of our disguises.

Carnival costumes allow us to “pretend” to be that person/character/cartoon/comic that we love or we are attracted from, even we don’t really like it, maybe. We can live for a while like that person even if we are ourselves under the costume as if we were actors and road/ life represents the stage. The main stage is in our imagination and feeling wearing those clothes.

Because costumes and clothes have a particularity: they make us feel the person we represent through them. It does mean that we connect clothes to the image of a person who usually wears them,

Clothes = person whom those clothes “belong” to = I wear those clothes = I can be that person.

The second and most famous virtual reality is …. Social Media. They amplify this possibility because they allow us to live under a nickname or an unexistent account (the Carnival Mask) creating for a short time a virtual self, which could be one of the whole personality.

Unfortunately, either the contexts sound like allowing the same people to overcome their and other boundaries, expressing violence, hate and unpolite attitude.

As well as, after thirty years,  at my daughters’ Carnival time, boys act in a violent way, using lather spray to attack guys making them plenty of lather or violently hitting guys by a club.

What was a joy started to become a bit dangerous, as the same on Social Media what is a great chance to connecting people became a shame and a way to bullying?

The third and fourth places could be counselling and supervision room, either f2f or online.

From my perspective, this is what Carnival, Social Media and Counselling/Supervision share: they allow us to live parts of ourselves we feel within us.

When clients come to me, under their confusion, doubts and discomfort there always is difficult to adapt the self to new feelings, new ways to perceive themselves. Mainly, they tell they feel stuck, not being able to give a contextual response to their changed necessities.

It’s all about feeling to don’t know how to live new events or a growth that occurs becoming an adult. They need a virtual space where they could experience a new incoming self or a piece of terrain where they could grow their self just started to blow.

As well as supervisees need a good and safe space where they can express their doubts about their practice without being afraid.  They know they can experience some sides of their personal/work intuitions that need to be heard in order to offer their clients their best practice and good support to themselves.

I can see a rhythm in all of that, like our personal life: there is time for reflecting, time to act, time to spend for ourselves, time to spend outside, time to be enough sane and time to be enough foolish. As Nature teaches us, there always is the right season for… grow, being calm, letting go things which finished their work, and time to spend under the sun for blowing up.

In the Winter darkness, the whole self has been under snow, rain, storms, being at warm of the heart for growing sensations, perceptions and intuitions. Preparing the self for a new incoming Spring, while demons are going to fly away, tiny drops of self are getting roots making us feel a bit uncomfortable, nervous, without a why apparently.

While Winter is in the middle of its track, and light is adding hours to the day, now it’s time to re-create a life using virtual reality for vanquishing all demons that darkness brought up.

It could also be a seasonal time, inside the rhythm of life: time for reflecting and elaborating, time to act according to those reflections, time to rest and recharge the self, time to work on the self in a virtual space creating only for you.

The three share a virtual space: while Carnival and Social Media aren’t always safe, in counselling/supervision work you are sure that space it’s just for you, secure and positive.

The last reflection is that experiencing parts of yourself in a good and safe context,  is a good way to take care of your and others’ mental health and to give a voice to your inner feelings.

Do you feel you have some parts of yourself that have not been heard by now? Where would you like to express them?

Under a mask, on your Social Media’ profile or in counselling/supervision room… Your comments are most welcomed!

Please, feel free to share this blog if you think somebody could benefit from it! ☺

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Pubblicato da Dalila Bellometti

I am a counsellor and a supervisor, working online via emails, webcam and I.M. chats. I am passionate to help you to have better relationships in your life. I help counsellors to give their best practice to their clients and to feel comfortable in their work. Sono una counsellor e un supervisore di counsellors, lavoro sia in studio che online, utilizando emails, webcam e piattaforme per messaggi istantanei. La mia passione è aiutare le persone ad instaurare relazioni positive nella loro vita. Collaboro con i counsellors per far sì che possano lavorare al meglio delle loro capacità umane e professionali e li supporto nel loro lavoro.


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